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About us

Printing-house Agrata Print OÜ was founded in 2016, it connected inspired people under its logo, who are involved in something they love. The collective of Agrata Print OÜ has working experience in printing-houses of Tallinn and in Estonian massmedia sphere for over 14 years.

Every day we are opening new horizons and opportunities for ourselves, which are important and giving results for our collaboration with our clients.



Often the client does not have a correct file that is ready to print, and in this case, we are always ready to provide assistance in the form of advice or rework your material before printing.



Our team are ready to assure design for business cards, fliers, booklets and posters, creating a logo for your business.



In digital print the speed, which is assured by team`s technical harmony, workers from partner business who accomplish technical service and ofcourse appliances, is very important. Technical base of our business are appliances from Xerox - the leading business in digital print.



We have a professional team and high efficiency machines - we always try to assure the result in maximum quality.



We keep an eye on development of technology in printing area. We do not leave unattended any new and modern tendency in ample assortment of materials for printing and design.



With speed and quality we would like to mark accuracy. Apparently this is the main working principle of Agrata Print.