Business cards
Types of business cards: regular, on texture paper, with matte or glossy laminate (32 up to 125 mic), with rounded angles.
Time for making business cards varies from 1 hour (fast print) to 24 hours.
Handout – two or more times folded paper with your advertisement.
Digital print of handouts is very profitable and inexpensive if you need small amount (exhibitions, presentations etc)
Broshures (catalogues, magazines)
Types of bonds: metal spiral, clip, glue.
Digital print guarantees high quality of making broshures in shortest time.
Wall calendars (flip, quarterly), triangular (decorates your office table), pocket calendars (compact and comfortable).
Good design, the right type of calendar – and it will make you happy all next year.
Flyers (broadsheets)
Typical sizes for flyers are A5, A6, A65 and sometimes A4.
Digital print enables high guality result for fliers (leaflets) in shortest time – just couple of hours.
Digital print is the best choice when the order is not big and the format is not bigger than SRA3. When the print impression is big and format of output is A2 or A1 – offset print. In case of planning to use posters as a outdoor advertisement – wide format print.
Personalization (numeration)
Personalization (Variable Data Printing) – printing unique information on each item. Variable data: surname, address, company names, unique word or number codes, bar code etc.
Banners PVC/MESH
Banners may be in practically all sizes, even 5x45m (lifetime 4-6 years). PVC banners are waterproof and lasts to all kinds of weather conditions. Possibility of easy storage and transport . Edges of the banners are turned back, mounting of the cringle after each 40-50cm. All banners are ready to be installed after production.
MESH banners (banner mesh) are made of perforated textile.
Stickers (labels)
Main types of stickers: PVC stickers for windows ( covered with laminate, aim to protect against outer weather conditions), sticker labels to mark different products (polymer, paper, with different durability, crack-back for convenient using). One of the most popular type of stickers are for car windows (with autolaminate).

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